New technologies have the potential to transform healthcare and medical research by increasing efficiency and creating more personalised medicine.

Ctrl Group is a team of designers, researchers, software developers and healthcare experts who work internationally with healthcare companies and providers who want to use new technology to improve people’s health. We create products and services that are effective, engaging and safe.

What we're working on

Dementia Care

Creating a platform for running medical studies around dementia care on smartphones for Nesta's Health Lab and the Department of Health.

N-of-1 Studies

Developing a platform for running n-of-1 studies on smartphones and wearables with Open mHealth.

Cognitive Tests

Exploring new types of cognitive test and ways of administering them with Cambridge Cognition.

Our approach

Research in the real world

We carry out research with real people in context to understand their needs and behaviour.

Quality ISO 13485

Our process is focused on being agile but also making sure the things we develop are compliant. Our work is produced in line with ISO 13485.

Agile design and development

We work iteratively through design, research and build processes.

Our Team

We are a team of designers, researchers, developers and medical experts that want to improve health.

Ctrl Group is a joint venture between Science Practice and Eclipse Experience and used to be known as SP+EE.

Who we work with