The Dementia Citizens Beta is Live

Today we are happy to announce that the Dementia Citizens beta is now live.

Book of You sign up

Dementia Citizens is a platform connecting people affected by dementia with researchers to find ways to improve dementia care. Now people with dementia and carers from around the country can go onto the website to sign up, take part and test out the two pilot apps - Playlist for Life and Book of You.

As a project with an empowering and active role for people with dementia at its core, it’s been a privilege to lead on the design, development and research of the two apps.

We’ve worked in close partnership with the Nesta Health Lab, academic and charity partners at Glasgow Caledonian University, Playlist for Life, Bangor University and Book of You, and with the dementia community, supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer’s Society and the Department of Health. In this collaboration we’ve created two apps that bring together academic rigor with engaging activities to improve care and enable citizen science.

The process has been iterative, with three successive phases of design, build and research, including alpha testing earlier this summer. Each phase of design and development involved intense sprints, each time building in learnings from the previous round of research. And each phase of research involved visiting people with dementia and carers at their homes, sharing working prototypes on iPhones and iPads, and understanding people’s experience of the apps in their everyday lives.

We’ve written more about how our learnings from this process are directly embedded in the current apps, over at the Nesta blog here.

For now, we invite friends, partners and colleagues to share Dementia Citizens far and wide. We’d love for as many people as possible to know that it’s there so that they can take advantage of the opportunity to do something new, try out something fun and take part in scientific research.

We’ll leave you with some screengrabs of the apps, as a teaser for what they hold in store.

Book of You sign up

Book of You sign up

Book of You study consent

Book of You Study

Playlist for Life study

Dementia Citizens Study Tasks